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You don't need to register to see oor stuff, but if you dae then you can upload stuff, add comments and post in oor Forum.
Make sure its good stuff ye upload though and nae porn or knocked stuff.
Registration fur oor site is done via oor Forum and you huvty accept the terms & conditions furst. You huv tae be over 18 years auld tae register fur oor site!

Privacy Policy
We willny sell yer email address to those basturt spammers unless we're skint and needin money for Buckie.
Am only kiddin - we willny give your email address away - honest! We might use it to contact you about site stuff though and mibby send you some shite every noo and again. You can change yer options in yoor Forum settings if you don't want to receive oany oh oor shite.

Terms & Conditions
We're no sellin stuff noo, so nae chance oh us rippin ye aff - the legal sales shite will be shown here if we ever decide to sell stuff again!.
Should we mention that you (aye YOU ya FUD) use this site at yer ain risk, etc, etc blah blah feckin blah?
If yer computer blaws up when using oor site it wisny oor fault so Get It Right Up Ye and don't even think aboot legal action or we'll send the team roon tae boot yer baws.

Maist oh the stuff uploaded tae oor site is freely available oan the web, and we don't claim copyright oan any uploaded stuff.
If you upload sumthin you've made yerself, then you ur puttin it in the Public Domain and agree tae forfeit any rights tae ownership.
If you believe you are the copyright holder fur any oh the stuff on oor site, then please use the 'Contact Us' link and send us the details, including a link tae the file(s)

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