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Apologies for the downtime
by webmaster
We had some server problems over the last few days that forced us to go offline for a wee while :(

Apologies to anyone trying to use this site when the gremlins were around, but we're back now and running fine.

Mobile Brillyunt
by webmaster
We've done some work on a new style for Brillyunt that should fit better on a Moby screen.
Most of the common pages (non-admin pages so far) have been converted. If you want to have a nosy then choose 'MobileBlue' in the style dropdown (other colours will be available soon!)
Give me a shout if you notice any problems, or if you want other colours in this style.

We have also added Tapatalk to the Forum part of our site to allow mobile users to use that app.
If you don't know what this is, then you probably don't need it! ;)

The video player we use has also been upgraded to enable the very latest HTML5 type videos - our preferred option for new video uploads is now mp4, this format allows playback on many devices and is a much higher quality than flv

Forum Upgrade
by webmaster
We have upgraded our forum software to the latest version ( 3.0.8 )
Apologies to any users who were trying to log-in for the short time when this update was being installed.

Its Cull time again
by webmaster
We have a large number of new users who have registered, but not activated their accounts.
Those user accounts will now be deleted.
Apologies to any genuine users who reallly do want to join the Brillyunt Community - please feel free to register again, and activate your account :)
If you have any problems registering, use the contact us link on the left.

New Server
by webmaster
We will be attempting to move Brillyunt to a new server tomorrow (Friday 24th September).
This will not be as simple as our recent resize so, during the move, we will disable the old site to prevent losing any forum posts or site uploads.

We hope to limit the downtime to an hour or two, but apologies in advance for any inconvenience.

Forum Upgrade
by webmaster
We have upgraded our forum software to the latest version (3.0.7-PL1)
Apologies to any users who were trying to log-in while this update was being installed.

Server Upgrade
by webmaster
Our hosts,, have upgraded to a bigger server today :-D
Apologies for any inconvenience when this upgrade was in progress.

Guest Posting
by webmaster
We don't want to be a closed forum, we encourage new people to join in and have a laugh with us.
We thought that allowing Guest to post without registering would help, but it seems not.
Some users did use that option without any problems, but sadly the majority just abused it by posting spam :(

With apologies to the few who didn't abuse the privilege, we have to announce that you now need to log-in to post on our Forums.

On a similar theme - we have deleted a few hundred members who had signed up and never activated their accounts.
Apologies if any genuine members were deleted in the cull - feel free to sign up again, but activate your account this time!

Video Problems
by webmaster
Site Admins have been working to fix a problem with some videos not showing in various browsers.
We managed to pin this down to incompatibility between Flash 10 on the client side (your end) and the software we use at the server side (our end).
A fix has been installed, so hopefully all videos on the site should now play - whatever version of Flash you are using.

Videos from the site embedded into the forum will not work until we adapt the embed code.
We are working on that now.

UPDATE: videos embedded into the site should now be working again :-D

Apologies for any inconvenience.

File Comments
by webmaster
We have disallowed anonymous posting of file comments due to mis-use by spammers :(

We realise that there are many users who prefer to browse the site anonymously and that the majority of those users only posted comments that were welcome.
Unfortunately, the minority were swamping us with spam and it looks like some files have been especially targetted by the script-kiddies using various proxies to hide their real ip.

Apologies to those of you who didn't abuse this. You can still browse the site anonymously, but, for now, only logged-in members will be able to post a comment.

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