free sex ur a bawbag get it up ye

This site is gonny be foo tae the gunnels with Brillyunt stuff, the type that you get in yer inbox fae yer Jakie mates. Nane of the pish stuff though, and nane of the knocked stuff that is copyright and could get us huckled by the Polis!

The management team (sounds fekin Brillyunt that!) will be uploading oor stuff whenever we have run oot of Buckfast and have nothing better to dae.

You Fannies can upload your stuff as well if ye want.
(Hint - look for the 'Upload Stuff' buttons hidin aboot the place after you have registered - and hidin aboot the place means oan this site ya diddy, no doon the sides of the cushions on your DFS couch beside yer auld gongies and ginger nut crumbs!)

The management team (that's us ya dobbers) will check every upload before the other dobbers get to see it - so don't try and upload yer porno stuff on here Wee Man or you'll get pure chibbed!

Oh - byraway, you need to have more than bumfluff on yer baws to get in here.
We don't give a feck if you huv just started the masturbating - you have to be over 18 years of age to get into this site!

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